Chopping board | White Marble

The Sprawl chopping board has a rounded shape. It has a drilled hole which could be used to thread an elegant leather hanging strap. This marble chopping board is not only a highly practical kitchen utensil; it can also admirably fulfil a decorative function.

The Sprawl is available in 3 sizes:

  • 18 x 12 x +/- 1,2 cm
  • 23 x 16 x +/- 1,2 cm
  • 28 x 20 x +/- 1,2 cm

All of our boards are supplied with an elegant and stylish felt protective pouch. They are all hand-crafted, which means that their exact size and thickness may vary from one item to another.

Ateliers Sansone Design – Registered trade mark

On sale at Ateliers Sansone Mouvaux – Lille Nord France