Chopping boards of Ateliers Sansone have been designed for many uses. In each of them, the Sansone design is present.

They are useful to avoid scratching the work surface, practical for cutting food, but also and especially ideal for presenting gourmet dishes to guests in a friendly manner. And more recently, they have been abandoned on their useful side to become a completely original and warm element of decor!

The team of Ateliers Sansone offers you two new series of marble chopping boards :


Design CHECKWhite Marble

  • Small | L. 10 x l. 10 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm
  • Medium | L. 15 x l. 15 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm
  • Large | L. 20 x l. 20 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm

Design WINGSWhite Marble

  • Small | L. 25 x l. 25 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm
  • Medium | L. 30 x l. 30 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm
  • Large | L. 35 x l. 35 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm
  • Extra Large | L. 40 x l. 40 x Ep. +/- 1.2 cm


Other models are available, in different sizes and made of different materials. Find the marble and granite chopping boards as well as those made of mango at the showroom of the Ateliers Sansone in Mouvaux, in the north of France.

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