A very natural choice

Ateliers Sansone are specialists in mineral materials and offer a wide range of granite, a magmatic rock rich in quartz.

It is one of the hardest and strongest stones, therefore ideal for the kitchen. Granite can be cut from the block to create drainage grooves or perfectly shaped finishes. Everything is possible.

Granite – unbeatable strength

A granite worktop has many advantages as it is robust and highly resistant to scratches and impacts over time.  It is a natural material, not an agglomerate and it is also highly resistant to heat. You can put hot saucepans on the surface without causing any damage. It is also much appreciated for its hygienic side as it does not store bacteria. Finally, it is obviously a stylish and aesthetically pleasing material,  much appreciated in home decor.

Granite – colours and finishes

Granite has a wide range of colours and finishes: polished shine matte, stippled…The different names it is given take you on a trip around the world: black granite with delicate finishes, the Vert Olive,  the Tarn Saint Salvy, Viscount White, Indian Impala… Other varieties of granite have rosy, red, or Venetian yellow hues, either veined or speckled.

Granite – all the possibilities of custom design

Simple and refined, granite adapts to the needs and desires of a modern or classic kitchen. The Ateliers Sansone team provides you with a large selection of samples to help you understand the scope of their offer. Indeed, a team of specialists will surround you with advice to guide your choice. And to get a better idea of a kitchen layout project, Ateliers Sansone’s interior designer is available to meet you for 1 ½ hours in the showroom in Mouvaux or in your home, in order to further define your kitchen project expectations.