The Ateliers Sansone | Mouvaux | Lille has invited the artist-sculptor Martin Hollebecq for a number of months.

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Who is the artist-sculptor Martin Hollebecq :

Martin Hollebecq was born in 1962 and lives and works in Ploegsteert (Belgium). The artist-sculptor Martin Hollebecq qualified as a sculptor in 1981 at the Saint Luc School in Tournai (Belgium), he also frequented the School of Fine Arts.

The artist-sculptor Martin Hollebecq has exhibited his works throughout the world, in Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, USA…

Martin Hollebecq loves materials and they work for him in return, as an artist-sculptor he possesses a unique talent for mastering his materials, achieving the finest work from blocks of raw materials weighing tons. He is a highly sensitive artist, each of his works is charged with narratives and emotions,

The work :

“Les écrits du temps” is a sculpture in keeping with this immense artist’s talents; it took months for Martin Hollebecq to complete it from a piece of natural stone.

The artist-sculptor Martin Hollebecq sculpted “Les écrits du temps” from a millions of years old piece of contrasting “grey, black and green” rock. The work is made up of two three metre stone elements twisted around each other; they rise and approach each other without ever touching.

The “Les écrits du temps” sculpture was sculpted by Martin Hollebecq for the municipal council of Mouvaux; which has been home of the Sansone Workshops since 1968, the work is located in the town’s new centre.

The Ateliers Sansone and the artist-sculptor Martin Hollebecq :

Martin Hollebecq feels very much at home at the Sansone Workshops. The collaboration between the artist and the Sansone Workshops dates back a number of years, this began with an encounter which led to a collaboration involving the joint creation of a sculpted pedestal for a work by the artist Boris Zaborov, this sculpture is currently located in the gardens of Roubaix’s famous “La Piscine” museum.

Sculpture on Belgian bluestone pedestal (Artists: Boris Zaborov and Martin Hollebecq)
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Crédits : Ateliers Sansone, Vincent Delemer