Front door L'Axel Restaurant

Ateliers Sansone participated in the development project of the starred restaurant “L’Axel”, located near the Château de Fontainebleau. Combining Japanese techniques and French cuisine, this gastronomic establishment is run by chef Kunihisa Goto and his wife, Vanessa. We interviewed her to find out more about the project…


  • What was your project for the renovation?

“We wanted to redesign the restaurant’s layout. Indeed, we wanted to give a new, more contemporary look to the entire restaurant. Therefore, we embarked on this project to rebuild completely the restaurant from the dining room to the reception, including the kitchens and toilets. What was very interesting, in terms of layout, was to rethink the way we work and find new solutions for traffic within the facility. We wanted to optimize the various spaces as much as possible and of course, comply it with safety and installation standards. Therefore, we moved and modified the sanitary part to make it a reception room. We also created a new reception unit and optimized its orientation in order to gain storage space at the back.”

  • How long did the work take?

“In total, the work took 6 weeks to complete the entire restaurant. We had a fairly short time, due to the urgent deadlines for the reopening of our restaurant. During the work, all trades and professions were involved and were present on the site.”

Bathroom l'Axel Restaurant in White Carrara Marble


  • Which material was chosen? Why did you make this choice?

“Concerning the stone, it’s the White Marble of Carrara that was chosen for the whole project with The Ateliers Sansone. This material is elegant, it has a refined and authentic side. We also chose it for its contemporary value, which we were able to convey throughout the project with our interior designer. White Carrara Marble has added a chic and timeless added-value to the establishment. It is also present in many starred establishments, whether restaurants or hotels. It was a very important and almost obvious choice for us. We wanted to give this elegant touch while remaining in a refined and modern style.

The restaurant also has many other materials, more or less warm to give to the establishment a warm atmosphere, that looks like us.»

Reception furniture l'Axel Restaurant in White Carrara Marble


  • Which professionals were involved throughout the project?

“As I explained earlier, during the work, all trades and professions were involved on the site. For the layout, we called on the interior designer of The Ateliers Sansone. She was able to guide us through the entire project, keeping a guiding line and thanks to the entire Ateliers Sansone’s Team, the project was born. The marble slices have been carefully selected by the interior designer and make this project unique”

“For us, the choice of materials was very important. Indeed, the restaurant L’Axel offers a journey where marble, brass and colours (green and petroleum blue) blend together in the heart of a refined and elaborate cuisine.”

l'Axel Restaurant Dining Room
Table in l'Axel Restaurant's Dining Room

“The soft colours of the restaurant’s interior are enhanced by the colourful dishes offered by the chef Kunihisa Goto. To dress the whole room, paintings by independent artists are displayed in the restaurant. In addition, the fabrics, materials and lighting have also been carefully selected to bring a touch of sobriety and elegance.”

  • Why did you choose The Ateliers Sansone? Did their advices live up to your expectations?

“We have chosen Ateliers Sansone for their know-how as stonemasons for more than 60 years. The Ateliers Sansone operated quickly and efficiently in a very short period of time, in order to allow the other teams to easily continue the work of the restaurant. They were involved in the choice of materials and the laying of marble in the toilets and at the entrance of the restaurant.”

  • What do you think of the result? What do your customers think?

“Today, we have had very good feedback on the service provided. We are delighted to welcome our customers to a restaurant that looks like us. Thanks again to all the teams who participated!”